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What Will Ava Do For You?

After your DUI arrest, when you call Ava:

  • A FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL, no obligation, no commitment consultation with Ava to immediately assess your DUI arrest and charges, at a time that is convenient for YOU.

  • A detailed explanation of the DUI process in easy-to-understand language, whether English or Spanish. You will receive a clear explanation of your available defense options.

  • Easy-to-follow guidance to make sure you understand all the deadlines necessary to protect your driving privileges with the Secretary of State of Illinois.

  • A full breakdown of all the legal fees and other costs facing you. Ava wants to ensure that you understand that she will not surprise you later with any hidden costs.

When you hire Ava:

  • A full and complete investigation, including formal “Discovery” and review, of all the facts and records relevant to your specific DUI arrest and charges.

  • Regular updates on the status of your case by Ava and her highly trained staff.

  • Instructions on how and where to access substance abuse programs and other support resources if needed.

  • Mail and telephone reminders for your upcoming court dates.

When Ava resolves all your civil and criminal DUI charges:

  • Safe, secure and confidential maintenance of electronic records of your case for seven years.

  • Updates on the law as it may impact your life and driving privileges; direction to trusted, skilled and experienced attorneys for other legal matters; advice on how to handle disclosure of your DUI arrest and charges after the case is resolved, and, upon request, clarifying letters to interested parties, as necessary and appropriate.

Notice: This website is for informational purposes only. No part of this website creates an attorney-client relationship. Ava will only represent you if you sign a fee agreement and pay her. Until that happens, you have not hired Ava.